In the past few years, Bluetooth speakers have transformed in leaps and bounds. Portable bluetooth speakers are incredible. You’re playing your favorite music from a high-quality speaker with no wires around, and at desired place. And if you are heading to a place where you wouldn’t want to miss music even for a single minute then a bluetooth speaker is essential for you. The market is laden with models to select from, and choosing the best is really a tough task. Luckily, at this place, we love tough tasks. Here are some best bluetooth speakers!

#1. Onkyo LS3100 Envision Cinema 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker System

Fed up with your old music system, but don’t have enough space or hefty sum to buy a hi-fiOnkyo LS3100 ENVISION CINEMA bluetooth speaker? Onkyo is the best bet. The marvelous system sounds beefy. Crafted to battle thin sound, Onkyo system offers you rich, and clear sound effects. Its virtual surround system makes sure you enjoy wide sound. Big thanks to its exceptional bluetooth steaming potential.

With this, you can fill up your music library from your media player, smartphone and tablet. Just connect the speaker to any of these devices. The speakers feature removable stands which allow a broad range of mounting positions. LS3100 includes a pair of acoustic suspension speakers integrating double 6.5 cones instead of single driver. If budget and space is a problem, then Onkyo LS3100 Envision Cinema in $398.98 is the best with amazon

#2. Peachtree Audio Deepblue-2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

Deeblue-2 is different from its opponents. It gives music lovers a full-bodied and wide, and Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speakeramazingly smooth sound, devoid of taking up a lot of space. Peachtree Deepblue2 wireless speaker boats a 440W aptX acoustic suspension speaker and 6.5 inch woofer that perfectly delivers rich and deep bass. As compared to its rivals, this device is more robust. It can easily stream music from a variety of gadgets like tablets, smartphones and computers.

Equipped with analog and digital input, this set up will even teamed with high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz files easily. An easy to use recessed handle on its back panel gives you the freedom to move the speakers to any part of your home. Smart volume easily fine-tunes the frequency response at the low end of volume. With its fully functional IR remote control, you can toggle between different levels of bass and adjust the bass according to your taste.  You can grab this in $399.00!buy with amazon

#3. Kanto YUMIWHT Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Here is a little and cute pair of speakers to set up in your home. The collection of bluetooth Kanto YUMIWHT Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetoothspeakers that can sit easily on a shelf is limited and this one seems like a wonderful alternative in terms of sound quality. These speakers are available in different shades, but white matte is the most popular one. Integrated 4.0 bluetooth technology stream songs from any bluetooth enabled equipments.

This device inputs include 1×3.5mm stereo, 2xGold Plated Post Connectors, 1xRCA connector and 1xBluetooth Connector. Last but not the least, Kanto YUMIWHAT powered bookshelf speakers seems like a wonderful little set for people who want a better sound quality in budget-friendly rates. If you’re seeking an impeccable wireless bluetooth speaker for your living room then Kanto YUMIWHT powered bookshelf speakers is the right choice at $379.00!buy with amazon

#4. KLIPSCH KMC 3 Wireless Music System with Bluetooth

When we talk about high-quality portable bluetooth speakers, this one top the list due to itsKlipsch Portable Speaker System large driver units, which are constructed to deliver a more robust sound. At the price of $350.00, it is a great option. The 17 inch-wide bluetooth speaker has 7.8 pound weight and eight D-sized batteries. With its solid battery back, you can play wireless music for up to 8 hours.  Let’s check under the hood, the speaker divulges a 5.25 inch subwoofer and a set of 2-inch aluminum diaphragm drivers.

Wireless transmission is achieved through bluetooth outfitted with aptX codec for flawless audio.  The tiny remote looks bright and let you smoothly control the volume, power, mute, and song search. Beautiful, lush and rich bass delivered from this device. If you are mad about bass, you’ll surely fall in love with KLIPSCH KMC 3. Now buy the marvelous blend of sonic punch and style at $329.97!buy with amazon

#5. Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

Who says bluetooth speakers are unexciting? Jawbone Jambox at $149.00 bucks the trend
with heavy sound and bright shades. The battery life of bluetooth speaker offers you 15 JAWBONE Big Jambox - Speakershours of back up. You can also use this to charge your smart phones. It has an echo-cancellation, omnidirectional technology and voice commands to make calls. There’s an onboard microphone, a 3.5mm aux input and a big bass radiator at the back delivers a low-end thump.

One of the attractive features of these wireless speakers is its durable plastic jacket. You can modify its grille texture and color to match your taste.  Six big-sized buttons on the upper part change the volume as per your taste, allow you to pause the music and move up and down your music playlist on an attached bluetooth gadget. In a nutshell, the striking design, strong value and outstanding music performance makes it an excellent with amazon

#6. Klipsch KMC 1 Blue Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bring along the Klipsch Music Center KMC 1 in $227.00 is portable and delivers amazingly super-powerful sound. The speakers feature aptX audio coding, which is a latest form ofKlipsch KMC 1 Portable Speaker with Bluetooth
bluetooth and allows high-fidelity sound. It is compatible with majority of bluetooth devices and let you wirelessly stream the music from desired source. The system has two 2-1/2” heavy drivers that put a stop on cross-interference. Dual 3” bass radiators add depth to the music. And KMC1’s latest signal processing ensures you get crystal clear and detailed music at any level.

The in-built rechargeable battery offers you back up for 16 continuous hours—more than enough for a day at play or a day at work. This one also acts like a power bank for other devices like mobile phones. With its USB charger; you can easily charge your tablet or phone. And the metallic accents and soft-feel paint creates an appearance that’s rugged, but an eye-puller. If you rummaging around for a solid-build speaker from a top-notch brand then KMC 1 is unquestionably a great with amazon

#7. Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

Majority of music lovers are fully aware of the brand AIWA, which was a great hit in the 90’s. After a long pause, the company has again set its feet in the market with its exceptional Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth SpeakerExos-9 bluetooth speaker in $299.00 only. This one has 12-inches in depth, 7.5 inches in width; weight is about 5.9kg and 20 inches in height. Under the hood is a 6.5 inch woofer, which is engineered to create a sumptuous amount of party-driving bass. Taking care of the mid range frequencies are two drivers. The speakers are equipped with user-adjustable EQ and a 5-band and a battery saving mode.

Aiwa Exos-9 has a bluetooth range of up to 50 feet and can quickly connect with devices with bluetooth technology. With an appealing design that blends a contemporary bluetooth speaker with an old boombox that incorporates an adjustable music equalizer, the company seems to be filling the gap between the past and the future with impeccable with amazon

#8. Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Wireless Speaker

Harman International is an American company, which engineers high-end audio devices. The Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Wireless speakersystem consists of a striking leather panel that gives it a catchy look. Two high-performance drivers’ offer detailed and crystal-clear sound with a bass port to strengthen the low frequencies. The system uses latest bluetooth technology and has in-built Near Field Communication or NFC that pairs it up with nearby devices quickly.

Inside are two noise-cancelling mics. A microphone starts working when the speaker is in standing position and helps you to attend the phone call that comes from connected mobile. Both the mics starts working when you lie it down on a flat surface. The in-built battery provides you unbeatable music for up to 8 hours. The USB wall adapter comes with three ports, so you can recharge three devices simultaneously. So don’t delay and buy this wonderful device in $300.00!buy with amazon

#9. Libratone ZIPP WiFi and Bluetooth Multi-room Wireless Speaker

Libratone is known amid music-freaks for merging Scandinavian design with unbeatable Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speakerperformance hardware to construct speakers that sound redefined and look plush. Let’s cut the long story short! The flask-shaped bluetooth speaker beautifully manages to deliver awesome music. It is available in 4 dazzling colors. The weight of this device is only 1.5kg, but it looks solid and weighty. Due to its in-built battery, you can place it anywhere. The top part has a round touch interface that controls volume. You need to tap on the touch surface area to play, stop and skip songs.

Libratone Zipp has a unique feature called ‘hush’, which mutes the speaker for the short term the moment you keep your hand on the touch interface. Remove your hands and the volume will reach back to the previous level. The Zipp features a single 360-degree reflector and a pair of 4-inch Neodynium woofer. The Libratone Zipp is available now for $ with amazon

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