Frequently Asked Questions

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Do i need social login credentials to use MyLiker services?

No ! We don't need your login credentials and we never ask for your social account access. Be aware! we don't ask for your social account login credentials and do not share your login details with anyone. We just need your email address to contact and provide the reposts. We are providing you the Likes and Views with the use of high traffic websites. It means that you are not going to obtain likes from bots. Such things make us highly advantageous and better from others.

Can Facebook/Instagram Ban My Account?

No ! We are providing high-quality services and there is no chance of banning your social account if you are not promoting any illegal content on your social accounts. We are sending likes using advertisement ! we feel anything wrong then you can contact us :)

Is there any Services guarantee?

We always try to provide the best quality services in most of the cases. If we fail to deliver quality services or not able to provide enough likes in the given time period due to an issue, we will renew the order. However, renew of order is done in only one case when the services aren't delivered on time.

Why Is The process time-consuming?

Well, we are using some private methods to provide your quality services and it takes time. Only bots services can deliver the services within few hours. If you are looking for good services then you must have to wait.