Terms & Privacy Policy


The MyLiker users agree the terms of using this website. There is no responsibility taken for consequences that occur with the use of MyLiker. Users completely agree with the conditions of using this website on their own risks. All the rights are reserved and MyLiker can modify and change the terms and conditions as per needs. It is suggested that to check out T&C regularly and you must check it out before the purchase of services. Even the T&C can be deleted and completely modified. It can be done without giving any notice to customers. In case, a customer has any complain with the terms of use then he/she can complain regarding the violation at [email protected] .

1. Cancelation policies

MyLiker has the right to delete any account at any time in case terms are violated. It can be done without any notice. Any type of abuse regarding our terms of services, privacy policy, or with the staff is not tolerable. The account of such customers will be suspended without notice. Even customer can cancel the use of services at any time and it can be done with the help of cancellation requites. You can send the request to service support department. The purchases on MyLiker are termed as final and there is no refund given. In case, you are not satisfied with the services, you can contact us and tell us the reason behind this issue.

2. Network and System Abuse

There are no chances that MyLiker will allow you to abuse network and system abuse and it is totally prohibited. Any unauthorized access to data, system and network are termed as abuse and it is not permitted to anyone except the website team members. Any breach in security is not allowed and we reserve the right to kick such accounts out of this website. In case, someone is found flooding or mail bombing the websites email won’t be accepted.

3. Destructive Activities

MyLiker totally prohibits the right of sending viruses, Trojan horses, flooding and mail bombing on our email and website. The denial of services that is destructive to our website is not accepted and it is treated as harm to our website. If you are found behind such activities, you won’t be able to use the services and you will be kicked out. You are not allowed to do any activity that can cause issues related to the services. Any interfere with the services, system and MyLiker is totally forbidden and no one has the right to do it.

4. Price Of Services

All our services are available at fixed prices and the price you have paid for any service won’t increase. However, MyLiker has the right to change price for services in the future and it can be done any time without any notice. The pricelist on the MyLiker will change also. The right to change amount of resources are given to any plan.

5. Back up of data

MyLiker do not take any responsibility for the data such as your files, photos and other things residing on your account. Users are agreeing to the terms and they are responsible for the loss of data. They should focus on the maintenance of back up and store the data in their PC. The data is stored on the server of MyLiker and we do automatic back up. But, we are not taking the responsibility because the backups are done on Sunday so we don’t have the live back up of data.

In case, the website domain name or the account renew, it is your responsibility to inform and an account can be renewed 30 days before expiry. Your possibility is to provide the working email account and stay updated with the important details. Every user should log in his/her account on daily basis to ensure that they can check out the notice and other alerts time to time.

The account fees is required in the advance before the actual term. MyLiker will charge you 15% fees or RS. 250 ($4). We will consider the fees whichever is higher as the late fee. Make sure that you renew the account before it expire to avoid getting into any issue.

6. Change in Terms and Conditions

The TOS and AUP of MyLiker can be revised any time and without notice. MyLiker is reserving all the rights and if you are going to buy any service plan then make sure to check out terms, privacy policy, and refund policies. It is your responsibility to check out all the terms and if you face any issue in the future then it is due to your ignorance. In case, you haven’t read the terms then we are considering it as your acceptance.

Privacy Policy

In the privacy policies, you can find all the practices for the MyLiker.com and all the privacy-related factors. We commit that your privacy is our main concern and we will protect it online. Make sure to read out all the policies and the information wisely. We are collecting a bunch of data from the users to enhance all the services and make your experience better. Delivering superior services is our main motto that’s why we focus on the collection of basic information. In case, you have any doubt or questions to ask, mail us at (Email ID Here).


1. Privacy Policies Can Change

You must note it that our privacy policies are changed at an interval of time, and some of the privacies are updated. Due to this reason, keep visiting our website and checking out the policies. We also reduce the rights of users without explicit consent. We always go for minor changes with privacy policies. The privacy change takes place immediately, and it is the users' responsibility to check out the privacy before making any purchase. Every user is advised to check out policies. In case you are using the website continuously without reading the policies then we are considered as your acknowledgment and acceptance.

2. Your Identifiable Information

We don't share your details with anybody, and it is the reason that you can trust us without any issue. Your privacy is a major concern, and we won't market it directly to any third party for advertisement purposes.

3. Correction or the Updates

We don't want to restrict you with our privacies. This is why we give you the ability to access and edit identifiable information. The information you provide us is only to you, and it is accessible by you only. In order to change any information, you can update it by emailing us on (Email ID Here). Make sure to create an informative mail with your name, address and email address and whatever you want to update. Everything is done after that, and your information will be updated soon.

Even we recommend you to update the personal information as if you have something to change. Many people may ask for the deletion of the information and the account. However, we can not delete every single detail because we are going to keep track of data. Everything you have done on this website is tracked and kept in our database for safety purpose. Even if you delete the account, we keep some of the data because our periodically done back up will keep the data in hard drives.

4. User Selection on The Collection And Use Of Users’ Information

You have the right to provide us permission, and if you want, then you can check out our website without providing any details. Engaging in any activity on our website requires you to provide the basic details. When you purchase any services, we are going to provide you with the administrative and the promotion emails. Even the details regarding account activity and the purchases will be sent to you by email.

There is no way that you can opt-out of administrative emails. Even all other details will be sent to users’ email ID, so, you can’t opt-out here. However, there are many choices given that can help you out deciding the information that we can access. We are offering the promotional emails, and if you do not want to get those emails, then there is the option to unsubscribe those emails. You won’t get a single mail about them.

In case you are unsubscribing, you can write to us the reason and indicate why you decided to unsubscribe and why you do not want to receive any promotional messages.

5. Information’ Security

Every website uses personal information to maintain the best security, and the same goes here. We are going to use sensible measures of your personal information including the name and contact addresses. The user can access all the personal information on our website with the use of a password and ID. In terms of security of the password, you don't have to worry because it is encrypted to keep you safe.

Sharing your password with anyone and facing any issue is up to you and you take the responsibility. It is advised to stay selective and not to share any information. The personal details are kept the secret on a different server that means you get the top-notch security and you will not face a single issue regarding privacy. However, the transmission of data can’t be guaranteed safe.

There are third parties like your internet provider or the host to see your information. Due to this particular reason, we don’t guarantee the top-notch safety of secure data transmission.

6. Third-Party Websites’ Privacy

The privacy policy is addressing the use of the information we collect. Other websites that are accessing the details have their own privacy policies. To avoid getting into an issue, check out the privacy policies of those websites. In case, you click on any link to visit that website; we recommend that you should check out their privacy policies before proceeding or any sort of engagement. We don't take any responsibility for the policies used by any other website or third-party source.

7. Your Posts to Public

On our website, there are some sections where you can update a post, and this information is accessible by everyone. Other customers and companies can access this information ( your name and post or comment). Others can collect this information because they have the right to read it. To clarify, if you post any review, then others can access your name and email address. We can't control that who can see this post and who can't. In order to stay away from all the issues and not to get public, you should take caution because anyone can see your personal information.

8. Contact Us

We are offering the best services from our side, and if you are our customer, then we like to hear from you. By our email ID, you can contact us. Write to us at (Email ID Here) As you will be buying services on our website, we will give you the guarantee of Max 30 days on our cheap services. If you have any doubts then clear that before heading over to the purchase. By contacting us, you can eradicate all the issues and get rid of all the issues.

MyLiker.com reserves the right of revising Privacy Policies without any notice, and it can be done anytime.

As you are going to place an order, head over to the Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy / Refund Policy, and read them carefully.

9. Refund Policy

The refund is only applicable if the order is not processed. If the order is delivered we can't refund the amount.