Large speakers occupying lots of space were previously used to produce high quality sounds before the invention of Bookshelf Speakers in the 1960’s. Bookshelf speaker was introduced to maximize space and yet produce an excellent sound with mid-range frequencies.

The large speakers have fast gone into extinction while the bookshelf speakers have become the people’s favorite. They enable you listen to quality audios; beautify your room with their stylish designs and as well save your space.

There are varieties of bookshelf speakers in the market because of technological development and one might be confused of the one to go for. Yes! I guess you are searching for a good and affordable bookshelf speaker; that is why you are going through this piece.

Worry less because this article will clear your confusion and provide answer to your question, what are the best bookshelf speakers under $500?

About Bookshelf Speakers

Edgar Filcher and Henry Kloss will always be acknowledged for solving the problem of space optimization by the invention of bookshelf speakers.

Years ago, home speakers were extremely large but with the invention of bookshelf speakers, they space they occupy reduced drastically. Bookshelf speaker are higher quality speakers designed to take just small area like the bookshelf. Some of them are suspended on the wall. The idea of bookshelf speakers is getting a speaker that will produce high quality sound without occupying much space in the room

It is a way of fulfilling home audio and theater system requirements. The idea of getting a very large speaker before you can get quality sound has long being countered by bookshelf speakers.

Bookshelf speakers come in various price ranges. There are bookshelf speakers that you can get with just $100 and there are some that cost as high as $1000. This does not mean that you cannot get quality bookshelf speakers at a reduced price. The best might not be the most expensive but the cheapest can never give you the best sound quality.

However, there are some affordable bookshelf speakers that can produce sound like the stereo system. This is why you have to be wise in your decision.


  • It enables you to listen to music in full resolution. You can use your wireless and your CD.
  • They are flexible.
  • They produce higher quality sound.
  • They are compact in size.


There are many good bookshelf speakers sold for $500 and below. A lot of people get confused as to which to buy. This brings me to notifying you of the important things that you will need to look out for before choosing you best bookshelf speaker

Impedance: Bookshelf speakers have different impedance. The impedance is like the total resistance to the flow of current that comes across the driver of the speaker. The knowledge of the impedance of your best bookshelf speaker is important so you can get a corresponding amplifier to minimize the possibility of having disturbing sounds.

Frequency Response: It is necessary to go for bookshelves with a balanced frequency response. The frequency response of your speaker will show the range of sounds that it can produce. High frequencies are used if you are looking for affordable models.

Power: Most speakers come with the specified range of power that they can handle. It is written in watts. So you have to check the output of the amplifier to know the right choice to make.

Sensitivity: Voltage of the bookshelf speaker is another spec that demands our attention before we purchase our bookshelf speaker. It is very necessary we use the matching amplifiers for the voltage of the speaker. Most bookshelf speakers use small amplifiers and therefore an average of 85 dB should be okay for them.

SUBWOOFER: Although not compulsory, subwoofer can be added to your home theatre to provide to reproduce low frequencies. You need lower frequencies like 45 Hz to achieve full range. Subwoofer helps you enjoy good bass delivery and helps you enjoy your music or anything you are doing with you.


Choosing the top best bookshelf speakers could be hectic with the varieties if speakers available in the market. However, after comparing the frequency response, impedance, quality of sound produced and other features, the following bookshelf speakers made it to the top 6 best bookshelf speakers sold for $500:

#1. Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 HiFi Speakers: It is sold forBowers & Wilkins MM-1 Hi-Fi Speakers about $500. It offers two years
warranty and can stream audio for your device either laptop or android phone through USB. It is compatible with both Mac and PC. It produces high quality sounds. It produces hi-fi quality sounds just as it is called. You can use it to play audio from computer which converts it t analogue. Its high quality headphone output makes listening to music or watching a movie or anything you want to use it to do quite interesting.

Its two years warranty holds only when you purchase it from an authorized seller like Amazon and the rest. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are not just like ordinary speakers, they are really hi-fi speakers packaged to fit on your home theater. This is why it produces quality hi-fi sounds that transform your laptop or any device you are using into a stereo system.

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#2. ELACB6 Debut Series 6.5 Bookshelf speakers: These ELACB6 Debut Series 6.5 Bookshelf speakersspeakers produced by Andrew Jones cost below $300. Some of its features are: frequency response of 44 Hz–20 KHz, impedance of 6 ohms, sensitivity of 87 dB and weighs about 14.3 pounds. The Debut B6 takes the high-quality B5 sound profile and provides an extra dollop of bass and dynamic range, making it a stand-out choice for multi-channel structures and critical music listeners in search of a amazing bookshelf speaker that packs actual overall performance and punch.

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#3. Audioengine A5+: This is one of the top best when comparing their quality and price ratio. It has built-in power amps, produces very clear Audioengine A5sounds and bass. It has remotecontrol, compactible with Mac and PC. It also has Kevlar woofers and a carbonized bamboo case and is sold for about $469 in Amazon. Audioengine are environmental friendly as it uses only renewable carbonized bamboo. Some of its specs include: impedance of 10 ohms, frequency response of 50 Hz-22 KHz, RMS power of 15o watts. The thermal energy is surprising as the speaker hardly get hot. It comes with 2 cables for the speaker. The mix of power and sound made it one of the best in the bookshelf with amazon

#4. JBL L830: This is a larger bookshelf speaker. JBL L830They are
neither wireless nor portable. However, they produce great sound quality that will make you feel it is a live performance. It is a 3-way high performance and is great with both high and low frequencies. The power handling is up to 300 amps and gives up to 90 dB of clear sounds. It has frequency of 48 Hz-40 KHz, can accommodate power of 75 watts and impedance of 8 ohms. it is one of the best choice and as we know that JBL is one of the most popular company for music.

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#5. Wharfedale-Denton Bookshelf Speakers: It has a Wharfedale - Denton Bookshelf Speakers
frequency response of 44 Hz-24 KHz and is sold under $500 in Amazon. Wharfedale Denton’s audio company has celebrated its 80th anniversary and still remained strong in the business.

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#6. KEF Q100 bookshelf speakers black (pair) 2-way: KEF’s audio speakers are KEF Q100B Bookshelf Loudspeakersaffordable and of great quality. KEF Q100 produced by KEF is 5.25’ Uni-Q which distributes sounds over a large space. It has ad increased cabinet space for a better bass performance. It has been re-engineered to give all its users an advanced performance that can ever be imagined.

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Bookshelf speakers are designed to beautify a room while producing great and powerful audio performance. It produces sounds like that of concert halls. They are durable and of compact size.

There are a number of good bookshelf speakers that can be gotten below $500.

  • The Audioengine A5+ is one bookshelf speaker that can give your quality sound within this range
  • Klipsch is another good option. With their high, clean and clear frequencies and size, they produce efficient sound and minimize energy usage. It works better for small rooms as it disperses quality sound perfectly. It can handle very high volume without being damaged. It has excellent drivers and the frequency can go down to 50 Hz. However, it is not a subwoofer frequency. Klipsch bookshelf speakers are stylishly designed and beautiful to look at. It therefore, adds to the beautification of your room. Others include:
  • Cayber Acoustic CA-3602
  • M- Audio SATU diophile AV30
  • Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers
  • Polk Audio Bookshelf Speakers
  • 5-disc compact stereo/2-way speaker system
  • Pioneer add-on speaker
  • Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf speaker
  • Elac Debut b6 Bookshelf speakers
  • Polk Audio RTI A1 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Cherry)


Technological development brought about the invention of compact sized speakers with high performance called bookshelf speakers. These speakers are now so popular and have different brands that you might not be able to pick the best for your private use. With just $500 and below, you can get quality speakers that will produce stereo sounds.

I recommend you follow the steps above as to how to choose your best bookshelf speakers for just $500.The top 6 best bookshelf speakers under $500 have been briefly explained for you to make your choice and enjoy your movie or music at home.