If you’ve ever searched up professional microphones, you would be astonished. The prices range in the thousands.

Yes. In the THOUSANDS. Seriously. Do these people think that we all have a couple of grand to drop on microphones?

Luckily we have some less popular but still very amazing options. The options below are all below $200! You might even fight great deals on them to get ‘em for even lower.

Before we dive in to the amazing choices of less expensive condenser microphones. Let’s discuss WHY condenser Microphones.

Condenser Microphones are professional and used for studios. They record top notch quality. The one downside to them is they’re sensitive to noise. So background noise is a no-no. So to get best recording quality, go to a small room in your house. Close the doors and windows. This way your recording quality will improve. They’re the standard in today’s world.

Important Note: How to pick a microphone.

In order to find which microphone works for you. Check out the Amazon reviews, this has helped me in the past determine which product to buy, and is a secret that many Amazon shoppers use.

Remember, this list is not in order.

Without further ado. Let’s dive in.

Blue Microphones Yeti Pro USB Condenser Microphone

Price: $199Blue Microphones Yeti Pro USB Condenser Microphone

All the technical details are available in the link below. This microphone is a USB microphone with 24-bit/192 kHz digital recording resolution.

This microphone is very simple to use. Excellent sound.

Many customers who have purchased this boast in the review section about this product. It’s perfect for voice overs and podcasts!buy with amazon

Audio-Technica AT2035

Price: $149

This microphone has a much longer name that compliment its features. (check out the link Audio-Technica AT2035below) One thing that is very neat about this microphone is that it cuts sounds from sides and rear, giving a more isolated recording.

Also the ‘explosions’ that you may have encountered in recordings before. Where the volume spikes from abruptly speaking or breathing.

This microphone combats that so you have a better recording in the end. Excellent choice for home studios.

buy with amazon

Shure PG27-USB Multi Purpose Microphone

Price: $199Shure PG27

This microphone is also a USB microphone. This one allows you to record multiple things at once. So if you want some audio in the background.

You can play it and it will record your voice and the audio nicely. Voiceovers on this are smooth and clear cut.

It’s excellent in sensitivity. This set is very responsive. Again, great for home studios.buy with amazon

MXL V67i Large, Dual diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Price: $150

This one has a distinctive and unique green and gold design. It comes in a wooden case and the vocals captured on this baby are CLEAR. Like if you sat down to eat a chip and recorded it on this.MXL V67i Large, Dual diaphragm Condenser Microphone

You could play it on a computer as playback, and someone walking by would think you’re eating chips at that time.

Meaning that its recording is realistic and sensitive. It’s one of the best out there. 250+ Amazon customer reviews rate it 4.6/5

You might be thinking that it’s 0.6 away from 5 and you would buy it if it was 5/5. Let me tell you that some customers are very critical which is why this beauty isn’t at 5 stars solid.

What’s impressive is that most products with over 250+ reviews on Amazon can’t even maintain a 3/5 rating even if they’re very good.

You can record singing, voice overs, presentations, scripts. Heck you could use it on Skype for the best darn quality your friends will ever hear.buy with amazon

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone

Price: $85Audio-Technica AT2020

Don’t be fooled by its relatively low price compared to the other microphones on this list. This microphone remains one of the best and top choices for home studios, voice overs, and musicians.

It picks up all the sound you want it to, clear recording. Great for beginners and experts. A proper choice for vocals and podcasts.

Although it may sound a little harsh if you mix up too much volume, but it does pretty decent picking up isolated sounds.

buy with amazon

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

Price: $120Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

The second lowest priced microphone on this list. Although the space grey can make the microphone look dull and like a cheap plastic toy.

I would recommend the black one which exemplifies it’s beauty. The sound recording quality is out of this world (Not literally, for the extra-terrestrial/Microphone fans).

It gets easily recognized on multiple computers, unlike some other microphones which take 3-5 minutes for recognition, and that’s frustrating! Overall this product has one of the most Amazon reviews on this line up.

That’s great. It maintains a positive rating and has over 3,500+ reviews.buy with amazon

In conclusion, all of these microphones are great starting choices, whether you want to record for a voice over, a podcast, or to have clear quality on a skype call. Or for more professional settings like a business or singing.

Note that I did not go into scientific specifics of the products. This is because all of the info can be found with the attached links. You can see all the features, dimensions, colors available and shipping options, including free shipping. I recommend to take a look at the reviews located at the bottom of the Amazon page.

In the end, our service and quality portrays us as people. So if you have the best podcast business, but your recording is bad, chances are you’re not gonna’ be the best for very long. If you have great quality along with great service. People will like what you’re doing. Now a days it’s a standard and norm to have great quality sound with what we serve. These are just some great options for those of us who can’t spend thousands on microphones.

So, Which condenser microphone you are going to buy? have you any experience about any condenser microphone? Please with us & helps other to buy the best.